Pueckler Park Branitz in Brandenburg

The Pueckler Park Branitz near Cottbus is a landscape park, which is worth a visit for a day trip in any season. The autumn is certainly the best season to visit, what you can see on the pictures and videos.

InfoThe Pueckler Park was designed by Prince Hermann von Pueckler-Muskau from the year 1845, although the ground was owned by the Pueckler’s family since 1696. The Prince was inspired by his travels and wanted to create a landscape park in the English style, which is succeeded.

The Pueckler Park is divided into an inner and outer park. The actual landscape park with canals, ponds and lakes and the forest and meadows is located inside the inner park. In the center of the park there is the castle, which was built from 1770 to 1772 in Baroque style. It was redesigned in 1850 as part of the park design. Here is now the Prince Pueckler Museum, where you can visit the historic residential areas as well as exhibitions of the life and work of the prince.

Two unique pyramids are a special feature of the park, the larger lake pyramid and the smaller land pyramid near the southeastern lakeside. The lake pyramid is an artificial island in the pyramid lake. It was built in the years 1856 and 1857, following the example of the Egyptian pyramids. This pyramid has been the burial site of the Prince and his wife Lucie Countess Pueckler. Especially in autumn it is worth visiting the lake pyramid, because only for a short time the vegetation of the pyramid is colored red.

By the masterful design of the terrain relief, roads, plantings and park architecture the Pueckler Park is one of the finest landscape gardens in Europe. The meaning of the park is clear both from its high aesthetic perfection, as well as from its historical value.