Pamukkale in Turkey

Pamukkale is a small town in the Turkish province of Denizli near the Turkish Aegean. Pamukkale means cotton castle translated. The small town got its name from the travertine terrace formations, which have evolved over thousands of years from calcareous springs. Because of that Pamukkale is a tourist attraction, as can be seen in the pictures and videos.

InfoThe terraces are part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Due to the burgeoning tourism in the 60s, above the terraces was started to build hotels. However, this resulted in a systematic destruction of the white terraces. In 1996 was started with an extensive restoration to stop the destruction and to rebuild the travertine terraces. The hotels above the terraces have been demolished and newly built below the terraces. It still will take many years, until the travertine terraces have reacquired their original beauty.

However, the travertine terraces are not the only attraction of Pamukkale. Above the terraces there is located the ancient Greek city of Hierapolis. There have been preserved a large necropolis filled with sarcophagi, temples and bathrooms, and large parts of the city wall.