Nabq Bay on the Straits of Tiran

The Nabq Bay is a very wide and shallow bay on the Straits of Tiran, which connects the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. The bay in the south of the Sinai Peninsula allows an unobstructed view to the Tiran Island and across the straits to Saudi Arabia. The Nabq Bay has its own charm, as can be seen in the pictures and videos.

InfoOn a trip in autumn you can experience the Nabq Bay both calm and stormy. If the weather is calm, you can discover the beautiful underwater world with its corals and colorful fishes in snorkeling tours in the inner and outer reef. The water is as warm as the air at about 26 °C. In strong winds the outer reef is usually locked. Snorkeling or scuba diving is life endangering in this situation. But in the inner reef you can snorkel in very good conditions, even in strong wind. The inner reef is 600 m wide and not more than 1.20 m deep. So it is completely harmless and provides enough space for a variety of activities in the water. Since it is quite often windy due to the geographical location, the Nabq Bay attracts many kite surfers, who find ideal conditions here. You can also walk in strong winds till the outer reef via a 600 m long jetty. From the end of the jetty you can enjoy an amazing view on the sun setting over the mountains of the Sinai.

Early in the morning you can experience a magnificent sunrise across the sea with a view of Tiran Island. Officially the island belongs to Saudi Arabia, but is leased to Egypt. The island is very popular with divers and snorkelers. If there is no wind, there is still another experience, the tides. At low tide you can walk several 100 m into the bay and watch animals, that you usually do not see, such as sea urchins, starfishes, sea cucumbers and octopuses.