Naama Bay on the Sinai Peninsula

Naama Bay is a bay in Sharm el Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Although Sinai is a year round destination, especially the autumn is recommended as travel time. So it’s still in November summery warm, but the temperature is very pleasant due to the slightly cooler air. South Sinai is a travel region, that has many interesting things to offer, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Red Sea, desert adventures and special attractions, like to see on the pictures and videos of the trip.

InfoThere’s no doubt, that Naama Bay can be described as the tourist center of South Sinai. From Sharm el Sheikh airport Naama Bay can be reached in a few minutes. When you arrive in Naama Bay, there immediately stand out the luxurious resorts. However they are not as huge as many of the resorts outside of Naama Bay. Local settlements cannot be found here, just as little as calm. All Nightlife in South Sinai is focused in Naama Bay. Because of the nightclubs and casinos Naama Bay is sometimes called Little Las Vegas. So if you are looking for quiet holidays, you should better not stay in Naama Bay. But the bay is definitely worth seeing. In addition, there are also some smaller coral reefs, so Naama Bay is also a good snorkeling and diving spot.