Dim Cave near Alanya

The Dim Cave is located 12 km east of Alanya, on the slope of the 1649 m high mountain Cebeli Reis. The cave is located 232 m above sea level. It was opened to visitors in 1998. The Dim Cave is the second largest cave open to visitors in Turkey. Due to the proximity to Alanya it is especially recommended for a day trip, as you can see in the pictures and videos.

InfoThe exact age of the cave is not known, but it is estimated at about one million years. The Dim Cave is a limestone cave, which is known for its extra-long stalactites. Supposedly it has a healing power for respiratory diseases. The reason for this is a particularly high proportion of natural radioactivity and carbonic acid, which can be measured in the air. The cave consists of two parts. The longer and more interesting part is 360 m long, and the shorter only 50 m. At the end of the cave in the longer part is a small lake. On the way to the lake you walk over walkways and up and down stairs and you feel like moved into another world. A visit to this cave leaves in any case a lasting impression.

Back in the daylight you have next to the entrance of the cave two panoramic views, a view of the Taurus Mountains and a view of Alanya Castle. If you have acclimatized after visiting the cave, you can walk down to the picnic areas at Dimcay. But that’s another story.