Coloured Canyon on the Sinai Peninsula

The Coloured Canyon is a unique natural formed landscape in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula. The canyon is an attraction both for hikers as well as for day-trippers, as can be seen in the pictures and videos.

InfoThe Coloured Canyon is located west of the harbor town Nuweiba. The trip to the canyon by jeep’s been quite adventurous, especially on the last part through the desert. Arriving at the destination, you will be rewarded for the arduous ride with a fantastic panoramic view of the canyon. Local Bedouin accompany the day-trippers through the canyon. That’s just as well, because they know best the way through it. The name of the canyon originated by the different colored layers of rock caused by fossilized coral. Millions of years ago the canyon resided beneath the surface of the Red Sea. As the water receded, it has left deep grooves in the surface. The Coloured Canyon is the result of this long past activities. Evidence of this are the cliffs of sandstone and limestone, that illuminate in a variety of colors, hues and shades in the light of the sun. In an interplay of light and shade they are giving the entire place a mystical atmosphere.

The view of the canyon is something very special, and the walk through also. You should be fit and wear robust clothes, because you get not just walking through the canyon.