Boat trip through the Dalyan Delta

Dalyan is a small town in southwestern Turkey on the Turkish Aegean. From the town Dalyan, the river of the same name flows through a delta to the Mediterranean. The Dalyan Delta is a small natural paradise and attracts many tourists, as you can see on the pictures and videos.

Hotels in DalyanThe delta is not the only attraction around Dalyan. At the upper part of the river Dalyan there is a mud bath. A visit to this bath is especially worthwhile for health conscious people. The thermal water is 39 °C warm and contains sulfur, chloride and fluoride. It has a great healing effect e.g. at rheumatism, joint and kidney disease. The mud on the skin is drying in the sun and rinsed after that. Supposedly body and mind so can be rejuvenated for years.

After this rejuvenating cure, the boats set off for a ride on the Dalyan River along beautiful nature. The boats first go to the Carian rock tombs, which lie directly on the river. The tombs date from the 4th century BC. They have been carved into the steep rock face opposite the town. Unfortunately, the tombs are not accessible, so you can only view them from a distance.

After visiting the rock tombs, the boat tour continues to the Dalyan Delta. The delta is an estuary, where the freshwater of the river mixes with the salt water of the sea. Because of this there is the rare opportunity, to see loggerhead sea turtles. These turtles use the nearby Iztuzu beach for oviposition from May to September. The delta and the beach are a nature reserve. Conservationists watch over the beach every night and mark new ovipositions. So there is only a gentle tourism, with bathers only use the parts of the beach where the turtles have not laid eggs. The day visitors leave the beach in the evening, so this retreat after sunset only belongs to the turtles. The Dalyan delta with the Iztuzu beach is a fine example, of how humans can live in harmony with nature. Let’s hope it lasts that way for a long time.