Bali on the Greek island of Crete

With the term Bali is generally associated the island in Indonesia, but there is still another Bali in Europe. On the north coast of the Greek island of Crete, the small fishing village of Bali is located near the capital Heraklion. This Bali is a little gem, as can be seen in the pictures and videos.

InfoThe fishing village is a popular tourist resort today. But Bali was able to maintain its original charm, because the place is not overrun by tourists. Because Bali is not too large, there are not too many hotels here. Therefore Bali is a tip for those, who want to vacation away from mass tourism. The village extends along several smaller bays. The main beach is located right at the village entrance and is very popular not only with tourists but also with the locals. From the village entrance you have a very nice panoramic view along the main beach and the other bays. The further you get into the village, the more beautiful it becomes. At the second last bay there is a small harbor mainly for the fishing boats. Many tourists are attracted to this bay, as it is not only very beautiful, but because you also can swim here well. But it gets even better. What many tourists do not know, is the fact, that there is another small hidden bay behind the harbor. This bay is just beautiful, not only for swimming but also for snorkeling. There is a very beautiful underwater world with typical animals for the Mediterranean and some colorful fish.

Bali is also in the evening very attractive. Near the harbor there are some very nice taverns, where you can end your day. In this small fishing village you can enjoy the typical flair, what the Greek islands are known and loved for.